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I am tired of living in a world where my value is written in my use.
Where my silence, my steadfastness, my loyalty is everything you want...
Until it gives way to tears, and anger and grief.
Until I become a tide, uncontrollable.
I am tired of writing words, on paper, on screen,
That blur and run through tears shed,
In solitary confinement of a cage,
Of this home.
I am tired of I love you, but…
I am tired of I want you, but only on my terms.
I am so fucking sick of being looked at and never goddamned seen.
And I am hollowed,  
and I am emptied.
So broken that I do not know where to begin to gather the pieces.
And I am full to bursting with anguish and grief,
for the child that was failed so badly, and the woman she has become.
And it will never be seen.
I am not permitted these things.
So it is held back, and bit down, and buried deep.
Poetry written through tears, so easily dismissed as pretty prose.
Never acknowledged as wounds, and this how blood flows.
And heavens forb
:iconmisstwist:MissTwist 1 2
China Doll
Touch me, hold me, grace me,
With your presence and admiration.
Love me softly, wholly, wantonly,
Then put me back on the shelf.
Up high, down for special occasions,
Like a child's fine china doll.
Pretty to play with for a while,
then away it goes.
Valued, yet valueless,
in the face of brighter things.
Wanted, but only so much.
There are always brighter things.
:iconmisstwist:MissTwist 3 4
The Quiet Hour
Nix glanced at his watch. Nine o'clock in the evening, he was early. He smiled slightly, he liked the quiet hour he got when he was early. He slipped quickly through the alleys and lanes that led to the bar called Alice, where he worked. No one bothered him for all his defined features and expensive shirts. He'd been working at Alice for far too many years for people not to know better. He hastened his step a little down the final, narrow, alley. It reeked of a fresher something dead than usual despite the light drizzle of rain and cool air.
At the end the alley opened into an odd circular alcove with a huge and ancient tree in the centre. Its branches, twisted and bent, were adorned with fairy lights, hanging lanterns and an odd assortment of fetishes and charms. Often there were offerings of food, drink, trinkets and slaughtered animals at its base, though the rain had apparently seen to it that the tree got none that night. Nix paused briefly and dug into his pockets to see if he ha
:iconmisstwist:MissTwist 0 0
Lily's Christmas
Lily's grins delightedly at Malachai's Facebook status update, seems he and Chloe have gotten themselves engaged, on Christmas day no less.
She lifts her iPad as her eldest brother murmurs and shifts around in his sleep. Once he's resettled she rests it back on his shoulder. It's only 8pm in Melbourne, and half the household were sleeping off the ridiculous and large late lunch they'd made while the rest did as she was and played on their computers or phones.
Mihael, the eldest was draped across her lap, as he was want to do, shirtless in deference to the heat despite the thunder storms raging outside since well before dawn. He was a disgustingly tall man at 6'7" and solid. Appropriately given he was a soldier. At her feet, Surge, second eldest, was on his stomach on the floor and dead to the world while Mouse, the youngest and by far the smallest at 4'9", sat cross legged on his back tapping at a netbook. Other than Mouse, Surge was the shortest of the brothers at 6 foot. Still taller
:iconmisstwist:MissTwist 0 10
SFU Bio - Lily Bones
SFU Profile: Lily Bones aka Bones
Age: 33
Date of birth: 25 - 04 - 11
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168 pound
Race: Caucasian (Australian)
Skin tone: Fair with small amounts of freckles on her shoulders and nose.
Eyes: Left is dark grey, almost black. Right is milky and blind with scars around it.
Hair: Very long, naturally bright copper red. Underneath at the back is shaved as it's thick.
General clothing: Relaxed. Fitted black jeans, Doc's and singlets or t-shirts, black brando style leather jacket, and eye patch (for other people's comfort not her own).
Distinguishing features: Curvy but powerful. Lily's a tough woman and it shows mostly in her broad and muscular shoulders and back. She has her tongue, lip, 0 gauge ears + 8 piercings up the right ear. Scars on her face.
Tattoos: Web across collarbones with spider dropping from it. Ravens skull on the back of her neck. JACK tattooed on her inner left wrist. With these hands down the side of her right hand. Skulls, lilies and 'bones' tattooed
:iconmisstwist:MissTwist 0 2
SFU Bio - Jack Bones
SFU Profile: Jack Bones
Age: 58
Date of birth: 11 - 11 - 1953
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 170 pound
Race: Caucasian (Irish/British)
Skin tone: Pale
Eyes: Blue-grey
Hair: Short, silver grey
General clothing: Laid back. Fitted Jeans, combat boots and singlets or t-shirts, plain leather vest and a knee length wool jacket in winter.
Distinguishing features: Thin. Like people mistake him for anorexic thin, but he's actually very very strong beneath that. Wiry. Lots of old scars. White lillies and bones tattoed up his left arm (full sleeve) that mimic Lily's side tattoo. Wolf's Skull on his right shoulder.
Personality: Jack is a 16 year old boy in a grown man's body about 70% of the time. He likes shit that goes boom, hitting things, alcohol and sex wayyyyy too much. He's often cheeky and irreverent when dealing with people he knows, especially with his wife, Lily. He has a sly sense of humour.
The other 30% of the time is spent between trying to keep his temper under control, and being protective.
:iconmisstwist:MissTwist 0 4
Distracting thoughts
Jack lay on his stomach with Lily over top of him. They were both awake but neither had spoken for some hours. It was nice, or would be if Jack's emotions and thoughts weren't running so fast. However it was Lily, understanding Jack's tension, that broke the silence.
"He's sweet, openly affectionate, and healthy. I don't think Dakota's the one you need be concerned about." She speaks softly. Her mouth near his ear.
Most people, looking at Jack, wouldn't expect a man of such birdlike frame to be able to comfortably hold Lily's weight, let alone speak with it on top of him, but most people seriously underestimated Jack. "I just can't get the similarities out of my head. He's not been treated as poorly as Dan obviously. The fact that he isn't anorexia level thin and can talk speaks volumes abut the differences, but…"
"Harsh realities given where you've come from."
"I don't live in that world any more. Need to let it go." He sighs deeply.
"Not that simple." She bites his bare shoulder
:iconmisstwist:MissTwist 3 22
Mature content
A little favor :iconmisstwist:MissTwist 1 9



I'm moving accounts:

It'll take a while for me to get this organised and everyone re-followed, but as I refuse to pay for a service that I use mostly to follow other people new account rather than a name change. 

I really want to be using this more but with a 40 hour work week, the twins, and my health it's not been a happening thing. Either way new works will go up on the other account. 

Much love to you all, 
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Quiet yet abrasive, straight talking, cat owning, tattooed, red-headed artist from Australia.

I'm friendly... honest!

Current Residence: The dead lands
Favourite genre of music: Noisy up-tempo
Favourite photographer: Scott Church
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Gir
Personal Quote: Don't speak. I'll be forced to kill you if anything stupid comes out of your mouth...



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